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U Shape Paper Straw Production Line

A U-shaped paper straw production line produces paper straws by winding, cutting, drying, bending, and packaging at one time.

U Shape Paper Straw Production Process:

1. The paper is swiftly fed through the paper feeder at high velocity, while the glue feeder automatically applies glue at a consistent temperature to stabilize the amount.

2. The CFXG-80 high-speed paper straw-making machine high-speed paper straw machine winds and forms the adhesive paper layer, enabling multi-section cutting in a single operation.

3. Following drying in the CFHG-50 paper straw dryer, and the CFBD-50 flexible bending machine creates bendable corrugations in the paper straws.

4. Finally, the CFPK-033 packaging machine processes the bendable straws into a U-shaped form, slices the straws into sharp shapes, and individually packs the U-shaped paper straws using BOPP film.

Key Components of U-shape Paper Straw Production Line:

  • Paper straw making machine: This machine forms the basic structure of the paper straw using paper rolls, adhesive, and other necessary materials.

  • Paper tube cutting machine: Responsible for cutting the paper straws to the desired length, including the U-shaped bend.

  • Drying machine: Used to dry the paper straws after production to ensure they maintain their structural integrity.

  • Bending machine: This machine adds the U-shaped bend to the paper straws, giving them their distinctive shape.

  • Packaging machine: Finally, the paper straws are packaged into bundles or boxes by paper straw packing machine for distribution and sale.

The entire production line can realize high-intelligence production, and the entire assembly line can operate automatically, enabling one person to operate multiple machines. During the production process, failures such as pipe blockage and paper break will automatically stop, without the need for personnel to keep watch.

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